POD Robo Scaler

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You have lists of phrases or single phrases and want to quickly scale them to designs for the print on demand business? Then the POD Robo Scaler is exactly what you need. It will automatically create your phrases to designs.

What is needed? Gimp 2.10.22 or newer (it is freeware)

Older versions are also possible, but there were problems with Gimp 2.10.18.

What exactly can you do with the script?

You can either select several sayings from a list or a single saying and then make different adjustments like.

  • Font and color
  • Text in block or left justified
  • Text as from the list or capital letters
  • Add design element
  • Space between lines
  • Number of characters per line

And save everything directly into a folder and ready are the designs, directly for uploading to the POD platforms.

All designs are saved transparent in 4500px x 5400px. So also directly for Merch by Amazon.

If you have selected a design element, then several variants will be created.

No knowledge in programming or similar is needed.

What the script looks like and example outputs.

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POD Robo Scaler

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